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Haymarket? No. Chinatown? Yes.

Well, my plan to go to Haymarket today was a total failure. I met Greg and Doug at the Davis Square station, and they said that Haymarket is only open Friday and Saturday. Who knew? (I wish Jane had mentioned this yesterday...) Anyway, they were going to a festival in Chinatown, so I tagged along. While I was down there at the annual moon festival, I picked up a few things for the house, and a gift for my grandmother. On the way back, I stopped at Porter Exchange and picked up a few more things, thus allowing me to remove a few items from the new house list. I will try Haymarket again next weekend, but only if the weather is favorable. (If it is too hot, the veggies will be spoiled by the time I get there.)

I have found some of the people I know around here on LiveJournal, but not all of them. As I was leaving the train to go to Porter, I realized that I should have asked if Greg and Doug had accounts. That would have removed some of the guesswork. Ah comments

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