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New MP3 Player

I got a new MP3 player yesterday, a Creative Zen V+. it was less than $100, so all is well. ;-) I had to hike up to the Alewife Staples to get it, as the store I went to in Harvard Square was completely out. It can supposedly play videos, but so far the results have been less than inspiring. It played none of my videos, and its "pack-in" videos do not play on my computer. (What kind of codecs does it use?) Oh well... at least now I don't have any excuses not to continue listening to my language learning materials.

Jane called yesterday to make sure I was watering the garden. The veggies got a quick bath, and seem to be much happier now. I guess I'll have to remember to do that every evening from now on. Tim isn't here to do it, as he has taken off for "somewhere southwestish." As a result, I have the whole house to myself for the next two(ish) weeks. Joy of joys.

After scolding me for not watering the plants :-) Jane suggested that I visit Haymarket. So... the plan today? Load up my freshly-charged MP3 player with language materials, find a seat on the T, and make my way to Haymarket. I have mixed feelings after reading some reviews online, but I'm hoping for the best. With any luck, I might meet some new friends there! (Hasn't worked so-far...) At least I might be able to find some additional veggies to go with my nappa.

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